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God, your creator, has prepared an awesome life for you - a life enjoyed and lived through an incredible LifePurpose. You must allow your mind, and your spirit, to embrace the knowledge that you have a LifePurpose. If your thoughts don’t encourage your LifePurpose, change your mind. Even if you do not yet really know what your specific LifePurpose is, at least allow yourself to explore the possibilities and opportunities God places in your path. Start the journey off by giving yourself the advantage of an open-mind. Your LifePurpose is awesome, and God wants you to believe your life is worth your purpose. Be receptive to the messages your creator will seek to impart into your spirit. Be honest and transparent with yourself as you go through this journey. Cast down strong-holds and imaginations that will seek to cause you to be judgmental and skeptical in order to block the free-flow of God’s spirit into your spirit, and your life. You can achieve a life that is dominated by your LifePurpose, and not by your needs. The benefits you will experience when you identify, embrace, and begin to live in your LifePurpose are real. Because of all the unreached potential buried there, Dr. Myles Munroe says that the most valuable real-estate, in the world, is the cemetery. Can you try and imagine all of the pain, disease, suffering, and unanswered questions of the universe that might have been: eased, cured, solved, resolved or answered by some person who now lay dead in the cemetery, but s/he died without fulfilling the purpose of his/her life? Think about it for a moment; many people, perhaps even you and/or people you know, are not living up to their potential because of some hindrance: emotional, mental, physical, socio-economic, and/or family. Somewhere, somehow, someone or something has caused many (maybe even you and/or people you know) to believe they cannot live up to their fullest potential, and enjoy the success, and fulfillment that is experienced through their life of purpose. False and faulty teaching, and well meaning, but improper, training will serve to cause you to go through life without exerting sincere, honest, and consistent effort at true success, as it relates to your life of purpose. STOP! Right now, wherever you are, say out loud (you do not have to scream; however, don’t be afraid to be overheard by someone, even your boss), “I WILL LIVE MY PURPOSE, AND MY POTENTIAL WILL NOT BE BURIED!” On day one I introduced you to a process I call, the “Triangular Questioning Process” – the process whereby you ask yourself three critical questions: (1) who am I (2) what is my purpose in this life, and (3) do I believe my purpose is given to me by my Creator? Similarly, I want to introduce you to another phrase: “Purpose Trinity.” I call it the “Purpose Trinity” because it is, what I call, the triune substance of LifePurpose. Just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the triune substance of The God-head, and spirit, soul, and body is the triune substance of Man, I believe identity, assignment, and destiny is the triune substance of LifePurpose. Your body, and the actions the members of your body perform daily, are done with automaticity; remember that? You do not have to “think” about how to eat, walk, speak, blink your eyes, etc.; these are all done without thought - automaticity. This is the same manner in which you want your LifePurpose to operate: without thought - automaticity. However, this is only achievable when you clear yourself of the noise and clutter that is so often the stable of one’s life. It’s the noise and clutter that serves to block progress, destroy personal fulfillment, and cloud your thoughts of your ability to achieve a successful life, complete with living your LifePurpose. The noise and clutter of life are: mental obstacles, past failures, distorted self-view, self-limiting beliefs, other people’s opinions, faulty teaching, past experiences, and present circumstances. All these serve to keep happiness, success, and fulfillment out of your mental view. The noise and clutter of life keep you from moving toward enlightenment by causing you to focus your energies on things having nothing to do with your fulfillment, peace, success, happiness, and LifePurpose. You must remove the clutter, and minimize the noise so that you are able to create space where you can see, hear, and feel true and uncontaminated inspiration – inspiration shot into your spirit by your creator; that's when enlightenment begins to happen. Remember, removing the clutter from your life is how you create the space you need in order to: “hear, feel, see, and receive the free flow of your Creator into your spirit, without the interference of “stuff” (key knowledge point). Clutter literally means confused; clutter is also a disordered state, and a confused noise, like a clatter (Dictionary/thesaurus). One definition you will not find for clutter is, “security blanket.” However, many people use clutter as an excuse to not pursue their dreams and to not follow their aspirations; they often call it being too busy, or broke, or tired, or something. Like hoarding, clutter serves as a deterring factor to you living your life. You unconsciously embrace the clutter because, unconsciously, you fear moving forward into your LifePurpose. The clutter hides your deep, true fear of failure and inadequacy; it has become your security blanket, a covering from the responsibility of taking control of the direction of your life. H.G. Chissell – “Clutter is a physical manifestation of fear that cripples our ability to grow.” You cannot give your mind over to the dictates of anything outside of your LifePurpose. Otherwise, it (your mind) becomes cluttered with the voices of everyone else’s opinion of you and of what others believe you are not capable of; you will also find you have your life cluttered with the responsibility of doing for others when it keeps you too busy to do for yourself. You must break free from the mental state of bondage if you hope to move into your LifePurpose. As long as you remain bound and shackled to unmoving opinions and beliefs, you will perform bondage-habits; when you embrace your freedom you will begin to perform freedom-habits. The habits that guide your life and produce your harvest must be freedom and purpose habits, or you must be willing to break those habits. If your habits are not freedom, purpose and/or LifePurpose habits, break them! Inner-noise & LifePurpose Self-talk. Remember, Concentrating on the opinions of others is inner-noise (day 9). Inner-noise is also considered negative self-talk. Inner-noise and negative self-talk sounds like the following: “I can’t do it”; “it’s too hard”; “I’m not smart enough”; “things aren’t so bad, there’s no need to change anything”; “no one likes me”; “people will laugh.” It is important that you hear yourself saying these things “inwardly.” Because it has been happening for so long, and now happens automatically, you may not be consciously aware of it. You must recognize this inner-noise and put a stop to it. This inner-noise will destroy your progress and ruin your success opportunities. You eliminate the inner-noise and negative self-talk by replacing it with LifePurpose self-talk. The fact is, those who live their LifePurpose, and experience fulfillment and success in their lives, hold on to their core beliefs while breaking free from the opinions of others; they also explore the mind’s-heart’s urging to move out into their own personal journey. Your personal journey is about the path you, yourself, must travel. Shakespeare – “and this above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” When you live according to the dictates of another person’s opinions of how you are to live out your LifePurpose you are not able to freely receive, into your heart (spirit), what your Creator has destined for your life. However, when you allow your mind’s-heart to embrace the leading of God, you find yourself excited about the unlimited possibilities your LifePurpose offers (the mind’s-heart is the true essence of your Creator in your Spirit: I call the mind’s-heart the true self). The bible says, “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he;” not as he thinketh in his head, but in his heart. Your LifePurpose is your legacy to the world. It is the direct changing and uplifting, through your LifePurpose impact, of those around you and all those who come in contact with you, regardless of how that contact was realized. for you to begin to live your LifePurpose you have to recognize the tools God has placed at your disposal, and begin to master those tools for the advancement of your call and charge given you by your Creator. Your tools are not your LifePurpose but a means to enable you to live it. The tools you have are the gifts and talents that are inherent inside of you. They are the things you excel at naturally. Singing, dancing, writing, sports, academics, socialization, networking, preaching, teaching, planning, and many, many more, are all tools God places in His children. You use your special gift and/or talent to excel, and allow it to aid you in carving out a place where you can, by virtue of the space your gifts and/or talents have ushered you into, change the lives of multitudes (your gift makes room for you and places you in the presence of great and powerful people, Proverbs 18:16) – that’s using LifePurpose tools to live your LifePurpose. Again, your gifts and/or talents are not your LifePurpose, they are merely the instruments used to facilitate the opportunities for, and carrying out of, your LifePurpose. Your purpose actions and your LifePurpose Actions must be guided by the motive of love, and your f.a.i.t.h (revisit that acronym, day/lesson 33). Such actions are the expressions of your LifePurpose and you embracing the charge placed on your life by your Creator. Be unmistakably clear, God is directly invested in your ability to live your LifePurpose freely and with all sufficiency; He gives the grace and supply you need

Stay focused!

Go Master The Day,

Dr. Barham, Sr.

© 2013 Dr. Allen C. Barham, Sr. (Dr. B)