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Remember, it is your charge,
Go Master The Day

"I am
focused on,
and determined
to live
my Life-Purpose"

"My Life-Purpose is ordained by my God"

"I am the Star
of my
Life-Purpose story"

"I live unapologetically free and fulfilled in this world"

"I live in constant
mental and spiritual
Life-Purpose Self-Mastery
and creative
Life-Purpose expression"

"I live my Life-Purpose with faith and trust in God"

"My Life-Purpose
is a venue of God's:
peace, love,
forgiveness, hope,
light, and joy"

"I Master the tools of my Life-Purpose"

"I purify my thoughts
to be in harmony
with my

"I use Life-Purpose tools to help me live my Life-Purpose"

"My unwavering commitment
to my Life-Purpose
serves the needs of others
and brings abundance
to my life"

"My Life-Purpose glorifies God, and serves others"

"My Life-Purpose
provides energy
for my
purpose actions"

"My Life-Purpose is very important to the world"

"I deserve
to fulfill

"I have the wisdom to learn what I need to know"

"I have pure ideas
springing forth
from inside of me;
God is
giving me
glimpses into my

"It is my season; I am blossoming in my Life-Purpose"

"I will not
live within the confines
of other
people's opinions,
but in the
vast openness
of my

"I break free of bad habits, and move forward to my Life-Purpose"

"I have an
awesome Life-Purpose,
and every day
I discover more ways
to perform purpose actions"

"I live true to my own Life-Purpose"

"I have
a burning desire
for my Life-Purpose
to make a difference
in this world"

"Every day I create more ways to perform purpose actions"

I live my Life-Purpose,
my life is complete with:
joy, fulfillment, and peace"

"I follow my mind's heart to my Life-Purpose, and I find my Destiny"

"My purpose actions
are in harmony with
my Life-Purpose"

"I am energized by my Life-Purpose"

"When I am quiet
my God speaks to me;
I hear Him often"

"My Life-Purpose is purposefully awesome; my God is the reason"

"I embrace
my Life-Purpose
as a charge
by my Creator
on my life"

"I am clutter-free to live my Life-Purpose"

"I have pure ideas springing forth
from inside of me;
is giving me glimpses
into my

"I embrace my core beliefs, but I break the grip of conformity"

"I am righteous because my God is righteous;
I have a righteous Life-Purpose"

create a
Life-Purpose habit;
my purpose actions
habitually bless others"

"I am my own Buddha; I am awakened, and enlightened to my Life-Purpose"

hear, see, feel,
and receive
the free-flow
of my God
into my spirit"

"I deepen my awareness of my responsibility to perform purpose actions each day"

"I release
all negative thoughts
that hinder me
from embracing

"I live my purpose; I perform purpose actions, everyday"

"I am what a life of purpose looks like;
growing, and
making a difference"

"I am chosen to live my purpose, and I live it successfully"

"My life is dominated
by my purpose,
not by my needs"

"I will live my purpose, and my potential will not be buried!"

"I am unique, and
I have a unique purpose story;
I love being unique.
I love living my purpose story"

"I am a DayMaster; 'Daily Advancing Your Master Agenda Striving Toward Eternal Reward'!"

"I take charge of my day;
I choose to make it
a day of purpose"

"I honor god with my actions, and I do something, this day, that is just about my purpose!"

"I deserve:

"I use my Willpower to command my will to tap into, and utilize the power I have within"

"My source is pure,
my thoughts are pure,
my desires are pure,
my actions are pure!"

"I do right because, I am guided by right thinking."

"I love myself
I love
the giver of life"

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