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Remember, It Is Your Charge, Go Master The Day

By Dr. Allen C. Barham, Sr., (Dr. B)
Go Master The Day is a book of powerful success deposits that will: instruct, motivate, & inspire you to live your purpose, pursue your destiny and Go Master The Day.




Every person has the right to self-fulfillment. Happiness, Peace, and Joy in the Spirit are just as much a promise of life as is persecution and trials. We are all too willing to accept our right and responsibility to "endure hardship," but when it comes to "enjoying the fat of the land," we suffer from guilt and "unworthiness" complexes. We have a difficult time accepting and believing that we are worthy, or even capable of success.

People are given a purpose for their life when they are born. Greatness is placed within each individual in order to help him or her live out their purpose and pursue their destiny. "Go Master The Day© ™" is designed to help the reader come to the reality that they have a distinct purpose in this life, and their destiny is greatness. "Go Master The Day© ™" will help the reader shed their sin consciousness and embrace their righteousness.

"Go Master The Day© ™" is a book of powerful success deposits that will: instruct, motivate, & inspire each person to live their purpose, pursue their destiny and master each day. This book motivates and inspires you to embrace the truth of who you are: The Righteousness Of God, and, of course, a "DayMaster© ™" Remember, it is your charge, "Go Master The Day© ™"


Dr. Allen C. Barham, Sr., (Dr. B.) is the Founder of Destiny Driven Ministries, a ministry founded to spread the gospel of Salvation, Purpose, Success, and DESTINY. He is also the owner of Purpose2Destiny Publishing, a full service publishing company founded in order to help authors live their literary purpose and pursue their writing destiny.

Dr. Barham (Dr. B.) is a high school dropout, but a self-described education "drop-in." He obtained his GED, and continued on to higher education. He is a graduate of Ashworth College, and the Jacksonville Theological Seminary. He holds Ph.D.s in Christian Psychology, Christian Counseling, and Christian Education, and a Doctorate in Theology.

Dr. Barham (Dr. B.) is a highly sought after Minister, as well as conference and seminar presenter. He is happily married, and a proud father. He resides in Maryland.


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