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Dr. B., The DayMaster
"I Speak Life; Go Master The Day!"

Remember, It Is Your Charge,
Go Master The Day

“You Are A Winner, Be Courageous!”

(Excerpted from deposit # 14 of my book, “Remember, It Is Your Charge, Go Master The Day”.)


“…We are more than conquerors…” Romans 8:37


Affirmation: “God is blessing me now with divine courage. I meet every situation today with unfailing faith in God’s wisdom.”


There will be times in your life when you feel as though you need more courage than you seem to have. Maybe you feel inadequate right now to face or handle some incident or situation that is confronting you. Do not wait until circumstances get any worse. Do not allow things to become any more out of control than they appear right now. When our obstacles seem insurmountable to us, we tend to begin to panic. Frustration unchecked leads to decisions made out of fear and emotion….


…Do not allow the enemy to convince you that you are defeated; you are victorious. Regardless of what comes your way never doubt your status: You are “more than a conqueror.” You are the victorious of God.


God’s Spirit within you empowers you today and everyday to do all that you need to do. Never forget, God has provided you with divine guidance for right action. You have the wisdom to accomplish every task.


Go forth from this moment with increased insight and unfailing courage. Grow stronger as you go through each new experience. Make each new decision with greater confidence and clarity. Be guided by the wisdom of God that flows through your spirit. Most of all fear not. Be courageous! God has not given you the spirit of fear. “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Tim. 1:7).


Start right where you are in your life right now. Do not wait for another crisis to develop or for the current situation to become worse. Continue to repeat the affirmation to yourself. God is there to help and to guide you. Believe in yourself. Believe in the courage that God has placed within you.


You are more than a conqueror: You are the victorious of God. You are a winner and you are courageous enough to “Go Master The Day.”


Remember, It Is Your Charge, Go Master The Day,


Dr. B.

Author of: Remember, It Is Your Charge, Go Master The Day.

It Is Necessary...

It is necessary for the mind to begin to think of those things that the heart desires and wants to accomplish in life. It sounds contradictory but the mind is sometimes paradoxical with the desires of the heart.

Paul writes, that although he desires (heart) to do what is "right", he finds himself dwelling (mind) on the things that are "wrong." He states that he must bring himself into subjection so that his desires win out over his thoughts.

In order to live your purpose and pursue your destiny, you must bring your thoughts into subjection to your heart's desires to live the life that God has allowed you to be born to live. With all of the distractions and hindrances bombarding you everyday, you simply cannot consistently move toward your purpose without ruling your thoughts and bringing them into subjection to "right-thinking."

Your attitude will follow your thoughts. When you think on negative things, you will find yourself dwelling on the negatives that surrounds you, and then you will find yourself: angry, frustrated, drained, bitter, vindictive, and depressed.

On the contrary, when you think on the positive side of things, you will be energized and focused on the things you must do in order to move forward in your purpose. Remember, your actions validate your belief. You will act according to the thoughts you harbor and entertain.

Never allow others to identify or define you and your purpose. Don't be swayed by the mean and negative things people say about you. Your success is not dependent upon the thoughts, desires, and beliefs of others; your success is a direct correlation with your thoughts. "You are what you think about most of the time."

Many people desire success, happiness, and peace. However, not many people are willing to put in the commitment and discipline required to reach those goals. It is simply not enough to have a desire to live a life pleasing to God; you must have the mind to do so. Proverbs declares: "As a person thinks, so is s/he."

Make a conscious decision to bring your thoughts subject to the will and plan of God for your life. You have been called to live your purpose and pursue your destiny: YOUR DESTINY IS GREATNESS!

If your thoughts are not lining up with your hearts desires for your life, change them. "Whatsoever things are: just, lovely, honest, true, of good report, and worthy of praise; think on these things."

Remember, it is your charge, Go Master The Day©,

Dr. B.