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We are a full-service life enrichment organization, with a number of specialities.

Remember, It Is Your Charge,
Go Master The Day!

Christian Counseling: Online, Telephone, Email

  • Targeted counseling programs for specific goals 
  • Relationships,  Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Low Self-esteem, Bereavement, Loneliness, Abuse, Loss of direction, Hopelessnes, etc. 
  • Career/College/Job Planning
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Goal setting
  • Adult, Child, Group, Individual Counseling

"DayMaster" Life-Purpose & Life-Skills: Seminars, Workshops, & Training Programs.

  • Preparation of individualized seminars & workshops designed to meet your organization and/or company's personalized expressed objectives
  • Life Skills Workshops
  • "Self Mastery" Seminars: Instruction and Information on living & producing at an exceptional level
  • "Mastery" Customer Service & Customer Satisfactioon workshops 
  • Seminars & Workshops on becoming successful by doing what you love and enjoy
  • "Self Mastery" Seminars on becoming a "DayMaster" (a person who learns to take control of all situations, and turn negatives into positives, creating the kind of life they want each and everyday): SEEING OPPORTUNITIES INSTEAD OF PROBLEMS!

Ministry Speaking & Ministerial Training Services:

  • Ministry, and/or individual Training designed to equip the staff to work with/for the Pastor, not against him/her
  • Revivals; designed to aid the Pastor by motivating the church/ministry with the Word, and moving them toward, personal, spiritual, and ministerial renewal
  • Minister, Speak, Preach, and Motivate for conferences, and retreats
  • Conduct retreats of all sorts (personalized based on your objectives)
  • Prepare and/or teach: bible class, Christian school courses, Seminary, and/or Bible college courses
  • Teach religious courses for churches and/or religious/parochial institutions